Which Air Conditioning Mode is Best For Saving Electricity?

In the olden days, air conditioners used to be simple with just on and off features. The only added features available then were the cooling settings which could be low, medium, and high. But with the advancement in technology, we now have many features available in the AC Installation Katy TX.

All these modes are clearly explained in the user manual, given with the air conditioners. However, it is important to know the effect these modes have on the power consumption to use the device more effectively.

The Following Are The Various Modes That Are Available In The Air Conditioning Units


  • Cool Mode

This mode is the basic model that almost all our ac check-ups in Katy, TX. In this mode, the air conditioner works according to the set temperature and allocated fan speed. The amount of energy you can save on this mode depends on the thermostat setting that you have chosen.

For an ideal power setting, lower the thermostat to 10 to 15 degrees below the room temperature. If you find that the unit is not cooling, contact an ac check-up in Katy, TX.

  • Fan Mode

When the fan mode is turned on, the air conditioner works just like a regular fan. The blower of the unit will work whereas, the compressor unit is off. You can save a lot of energy in this mode as the compressor which is the most power-consuming component of the air conditioner is turned off. However, you will not receive any cooling in this mode.

  • Dry Mode

Many people are not aware of this most useful mode. In the dry mode, the Dan will be running at low speed, whereas, the compressor will be turned on but runs in longer cycles for a short duration to remove the humidity.

When the temperatures are not high but the humidity levels in your area peak, this mode is the best option to opt for. In this mode, when air flows through the unit, the water vapor is condensed, and clean air without humidity is blown out. You can save on your power bills too, as the unit is not generating any cool air.

  • Quick Cool Mode

If you are looking to save on power bills, this mode is not for you. The quick cool mode will take up a lot of power to cool down your room quickly. The ideal temperature setting in the thermostat is 25 degrees.

However, in the quick cool mode, the settings will be dropped to 10-18 degrees to cool your room quickly. As a result, a lot of energy is consumed to achieve these temperatures faster.

  • Sleep Mode

You can choose this mode while sleeping with the air conditioner on throughout the night. This mode will increase the temperature setting by 1 degree gradually until it is 25 degrees. If you want to install or replace your air conditioner, contact us at (281) 220-9722 as we provide the best ac installation in Katy tx, and ac replacement services in Katy tx.