Home AC Or Heating Inspection In Katy, TX

Home HVAC Inspection in Katy, TX

What is this Inspection for?

  • Purchasing a property
  • Selling or pre-listing your property

When buying or selling a home there are so many to do lists, that you may overlook important things that will delay your move.  Such as, scheduling an ac or heating inspection. Most home inspectors only check that the heat and ac turn on. But is that enough? Absolutely not! At Air Mechanic Services our techs will make sure that your air conditioning and heating are operating effectively and efficiently. So you avoid additional costs and can make an informed good sale or buy.

Home AC Or Heating Inspection

Below there are a few things that we check when doing an Air Conditioning or heating inspection when buying or selling a property near Katy, TX and surrounding service areas.

  • Ductwork: We inspect that ductwork is clear of mold and dust. Also, we make sure that there are no air leaks and that the ductwork is properly insulated, designed and installed.
  • AC and Heating systems: Inspect if the equipment is clean, performing efficiently, and properly maintained. Inspect for blocked drain lines and proper water flow.

Why Choose Us?

  • Licensed and insured: Air Mechanic Services is fully licensed and certified to perform the entire necessary AC repair in Katy, TX, for our clients with proper ease and comfort.
  • Reasonable Pricing: We take into account your budget requirement, and therefore, all of our services are reasonable. With us, you do not have to fret about spending more money than your budget on your ac repair service.
  • Free consultations: The experts at Air Mechanic Services also provide you with a free consultation for your home so that you can understand your AC’s requirements and maintenance details.

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