What To Check If Heat Isn’t Working?

Homeowners can face various systems problems, such as heat loss during severe winters. In these cases, many people contact furnace repair services in Katy, TX frequently due to recurring issues with their heating systems. Most of the time, less significant problems can be resolved by troubleshooting, but for more serious cases, expert assistance is required.

Things to check if the heat isn't working

  • Verify that the system is on: The power switch for your electric or gas heater is on the unit itself. Verify that the on position of the switch is selected.
  • Check the fuse box: You should examine the power supply and verify if any circuit breakers in your furnace have tripped. After your heater has tripped a circuit breaker, resetting is the only way to restore its functionality.

    If this doesn’t work, it is better to contact a trained specialist for furnace installation in Katy, TX, so that they can investigate the cause of the problem.

  • The blower’s capacitor has stopped operating: Every capacitor has a certain tolerance level. If the tolerance level is below a certain level, the blower may not be able to attain the correct RPM. Occasionally, the blower will not start because the capacitor is failing or has already stopped working. Changing the capacitor is the most simple and most convenient alternative.

  • Check if the drain is clogged: The water generated by high-efficiency gas furnaces can be drained outside or pumped away. If the drain becomes clogged or the pump malfunctions, a switch typically sends a signal to the device to shut down so that it does not contribute to a more significant water problem. You can determine whether the pump has power and whether the pipe is clogged with debris.

  • Inspect boiler condensate pipes: The condensate line connecting to a heater is subject to freezing during the winter. If ice forms due to condensation that is let to escape the system, condensation will build up, and the system will shut down, leaving you without heat. For your boiler to operate appropriately, remove the ice. If the issue persists, contact Air Mechanic Services for services including furnace repair in Katy, TX.

    You can use a heat blanket to melt the ice accumulation; wrap the blanket around the pipe. Please wait for it to defrost before you reset your heat before use.

  • Verify that the outer fan is working: If the thermostat is set in heat mode, you should verify that the outdoor fan is operating. If the compressor malfunctions, a buzzing sound will originate from it. Insert a stick that is narrow enough to fit into the opening on the top of the gadget in an attempt to activate the fan. If the unit does not turn on, switch it on emergency heat or turn it off.


A faulty furnace is among the numerous problems that can develop with heating systems. During the colder months, if your furnace loses power, it will be unable to give your family heat, resulting in discomfort and even illness. Once you have discovered why your heater has stopped working, it will be much simpler for you to determine a solution.

Our experienced technicians from Air Mechanic Services are available to assist you if you have been experiencing problems with your furnace. Contact us immediately for services including furnace repair in Katy, TX.