How To Fix Common Furnace Problems

Electrical appliances work at their own pace. When we use them for limited periods and ensure proper maintenance, there will be few technical issues. However, if we use them for long hours and do not take regular care, we may face partial or complete breakdown issues.

The most common issues with furnaces are burning odours, restricted airflow, or hot and cold pockets in the house. Owners may have to call a company for heating service in Katy, TX when the issues are critical. However, when faced with a minor inconvenience with the system, owners can often fix it themselves. Here are some tips that can help you troubleshoot simple furnace problems:


Many times, checking your filters and thoroughly cleaning them solves most of the furnace problems. If you do not clean your furnace’s air filters often, they may get extremely dirty and clogged. Such inefficient filters create problems like restricted airflow, poor indoor air quality, and temporary breaking down of the system. Ensure that you clean or replace the air filters every month. To examine these components, place them near a light source and check whether light rays can pass through them or not.


A thermostat is the backbone of the furnace. If the thermostat is not signalling an appropriate temperature, the house will not warm adequately. Ensure that the thermostat is working correctly, or contact a company for furnace repair in Katy, TX, to purchase a smart thermostat. Replace the batteries of the thermostat often. Ensure that it is clean so that no dirt enters it and creates problems. Remove any heat-generating objects like ovens and lamps so that it does not detect the wrong temperature.

Furnace Switch

The furnace’s breaker may flip down due to voltage differences, and your furnace will not start working unless you solve the problem. Find the switch and flip it on. If the furnace does not start working, go to the electrical panel and check its breaker. If there are issues with the fuse box, find the melted fuse, unscrew it, and replace it with a new one. Ensure that your hands are dry before proceeding with the troubleshooting.


The colour of the furnace flame can answer many of your doubts. A blue flame means that your furnace is burning the fuel efficiently, and there are no leakages. However, if the flame colour is red, green, yellow, purple, or any other colour, contact a company for heating service in Katy, TX, immediately.

Gas valve

If the furnace flame is not burning, turn the gas off and wait for 10-15 minutes before relighting it. If you smell gas after relighting it, switch off your furnace and evacuate the house as there may be a gas leakage. Contact your HVAC company to fix the issue right away.

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