How To Find Air Duct Leaks: Common Signs & Detection Tips

Every HVAC device is composed of multiple components and networks. They are collectively called ductworks; they are responsible for air distribution via your HVAC equipment throughout the home. The comfort of your stay rests on the condition of the ductworks. Good ductwork signifies equal distribution of airflow and a healthy environment. This flow might get interrupted if there is leakage in the duct. Before arriving in such a situation, contact your trustworthy HVAC technician for an AC check-up in Katy, TX.

A Little Introduction On Duct Leaks

Ducts are essential for your device’s swift performance yet neglected most of the time. Hardly do we think of ducts, right? Any leakage, gaps, or cracks is a duct leakage.

When a leak occurs on a duct, most of the air does not reach the air vent. Duct leaks can be categorized into three sections.

Supply Leak

The leakage occurs on the supply air pipe. It reduces the airflow in the living areas.

Equipment Leak

Components like coils and furnaces fall under this section. They have seams that are prone to cracks and leakage. An opening on the seam can decrease the amount of air.

Return Leak

In this section, since the air gets drawn into the ventilation systems, the unconditioned air returns to the source.

How To Locate Duct Leaks

A close inspection of your air conditioner will help you detect a leak. It would help if you looked for these leakage signs.

Let Your HVAC System Run At Full Power

Put your air conditioner on full blast. It will allow you to understand the gap in the amount of airflow. If you feel that the air is not blowing as required, there might be a leak.

Presence Of Any Duct Tape

If you happen to have a used air conditioner, there might be a possibility that the gaps or cracks of the ducts had been sealed with duct tape. It might be a quick solution for the time being but not for the long term. You ought to call a professional for AC repair in Katy, TX.

Focus On The Joints Of The Duct

You should be aware that the duct joints are always prone to cracks and leaks. Since two air ducts are joined at this juncture, there remains a possibility of leakage. You will feel the passing of air if you place your hand in front of the joint.

The Incense Technique

An incense stick or visible smoke from a stick will help you locate a duct leak. Hold the stick near an air conditioner, and there will be a tendency for the smoke to get drawn inside. This indicates that your HVAC unit has a duct leakage.

Now, three ways will help you know whether you have a leakage or not.

  • There will be a surcharge on utility bills.
  • Presence of warm and cool temperatures at the same time.
  • Accumulation of dust throughout the house.

Duct leaks are not favorable at all. If you figure out any sign of it, contact the nearest HVÀc company.

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