How Many Times Should A Natural Gas Furnace Be Serviced?

When the winter arrives, we all look forward to being cuddled under layers of warm clothes and the furnace working like a charm. Even a bit of cold air sends chills down our spine, and to avoid that, we ensure that our gas furnace is ready to generate heat. Preparing your furnace before the winter arrives is a crucial step. Scheduling a heating service in Katy, TX, is essential.

Gas furnaces are prone to many failures and damages as they are exposed to flammable resources like natural gas at all times. To prevent a sudden breakdown of your heating system, your gas furnace has to be maintained and serviced in the fall itself. But how often should your gas furnace be serviced? Let’s find out!

Common Gas Furnace Problems

Several common issues can attack your gas furnace, leading to the deterioration of its efficiency. These problems, if avoided, can reduce the life of your furnace and will cost you colossal damage. Moreover, the furnace stops heating your space, leaving you shivering in the cold.

  • Dirty Filters: One of the most common problems is dirty filters. Dirty filters block the airflow of your furnace and stop your system from generating hot air. Cleaning and changing filters regularly can keep your system fit.
  • Cracked Heat Exchanger: Another common yet dangerous problem is a cracked heat exchanger. A cracked heat exchanger leaks toxins like carbon dioxide, carbon monoxide, nitrogen oxides, etc. This can result from a lack of maintenance and will require a heater repair in Katy, TX.
  • Erroneous Pilot Light: A faulty pilot light is a furnace problem experienced by many. This may occur either due to a clogged pilot or if the pilot button is not pressed down correctly, to release the gas. The pilot light can be lit again by following the guide. To avoid the frequent occurrences of this issue, ensure that your furnace is serviced.

How Often Should A Gas Furnace Be Serviced To Avoid Problems?

Returning to the main question, a gas furnace should be serviced at least once a year, either in the spring or the fall. Servicing your furnace twice a year would be beneficial too. Yearly servicing is the most appropriate way to keep all kinds of furnace problems at bay. It also elongates the life of your system, saving you the money spent on multiple repairs and a new furnace. The efficiency of your system increases and your energy bills decrease extensively.

Heating service in Katy, TX includes complete maintenance, thorough examination, and proper repairing of the whole heating system. Along with a yearly service, a furnace tune-up should also be done for complete surety about the functioning and safety of the furnace. Along with the responsibility of scheduling a service, you need to hire a professional to do it.

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