How Long Does it Take For an Air Conditioning Unit To Unfreeze?

It is never a good sign to find ice formation on your air conditioner. This simple problem can lead up to severe problems like damaging your compressor which will cost you around $ 1,495 for ac repair in Katy, TX.

You can simply unfreeze your air conditioner by following the below three steps.

  • Turn the thermostat, power, and circuit breaker of your air conditioner off.
  • Now turn on the fan settings in your air conditioner and wait for the ice to melt.
  • Finally, check your filter to see if it is dry. If you find that the filter is still wet, contact the air conditioning repair in Katy.

It usually takes about a minimum of one hour to a maximum of 24 hours to unfreeze your air conditioning unit. The size of your AC unit and the extent of ice formation affects this estimated time.

Why Does Your Air Conditioning Unit Freeze?

Most of the time, a dirty and clogged air filter is the reason why your air conditioning unit is freezing up. When you turn the thermostat off to let your air conditioner thaw, you should immediately check for the air filters because the water may puddle up and make it dirty.

A thin layer of dirt and debris on the air filters can cause many problems so it is better to replace the filters when unfreezing the air conditioner.

When you have dirty and clogged air conditioner filters, then the airflow is restricted. As the air conditioner doesn’t receive as much air to cool down, the refrigerant will turn even colder inside the unit. As a result, you will see the refrigerator coil freeze up.

When To Call For Help?

When you have changed your air filters and let the system thaw, run the unit normally for two to three days continuously to check if it is working efficiently, but keep a close eye on it. If the unit frees again even when the air filters are clean, you might have the following problems.

  • A leak in the refrigerant could cause the refrigerant levels to drop.
  • Dirt on the evaporator coil or a clogged evaporator coil.
  • The blower motor of your air conditioning unit is weak or has gone bad.
  • The expansion valve is struck or closed.
  • The air ducts of your air conditioning units have collapsed.

These are some of the serious problems that your air conditioner may face which will cause the unit to freeze up. You should not avoid any of these problems as they may easily escalate into severe problems for which you have to pay thousands of dollars for repairs.

Immediately contact a professional to diagnose these issues. For emergency ac repair in Katy, you can call us at (281) 220 – 9722. Our team at The Air mechanic services provides you with a wide range of air conditioning unit services professionally.