How Do You Know if Your AC is Low on Freon?

If you’re encountering difficulties with your air conditioner, low freon might be the guilty party. Here are six signs that show it could be an ideal opportunity to have your freon replaced by professional AC repair in Katy.

To guarantee costs and energy savings this year, watch out for these six signs of low Freon –

1. It takes longer than usual to cool your home

Is it taking longer than usual to cool your home down? It could be possible that you’re low on freon. Keep in mind, Freon is a refrigerant, and its responsibility is to soak up heat in the air. If your air conditioning unit does not contain much Freon in it, it will not work effectively.

2. Your Utility Bills are Higher Than Expected

Have you gotten a surprisingly high power bill recently? If your unit is coming up short on Freon, your AC needs to work a lot harder and more to cool your home. All the additional energy required to play out this extra work can cause a spike in power bills.

3. The Air Blowing From Your Vents isn’t Cold

When the air conditioner is low on Freon, the air blowing from it won’t be as cool as anticipated. It might be lukewarm or even warm. Utilize a thermometer to check the temperature of the air being discharged from the vent.

4. Ice Has Begun to Develop on Your Refrigerant Line

Check your AC unit and verify whether there is any ice developing on the copper line. Provided that this is true, then you are low on Freon. When there isn’t sufficient refrigerant in the unit, the evaporator coil becomes a lot colder than it ought to be, making the dampness on its line freeze up. Call a reliable air conditioning repair service. If you’re thinking of getting a new unit, call an authentic AC installation in Katy, TX, as allowing it to wait can result in severe damage to your AC unit.

5. You Hear Loud or Strange Noises Coming From Your Unit

Refrigerants are not like gas – they do not get spent. Units typically begin running out of refrigerant when there is a leak. If you hear a hissing or gurgling sound, it could be the sound of refrigerant getting away.

6. The Temperature You Set is Never Attained

If you set your thermostat at 75, still the thermometer never attains that temperature; that’s because there’s an issue with your air conditioner, and you are required to have it inspected.

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