8 Signs Indicating Furnace Tune-Up

Furnaces give off many signs and indications, which means they need a tune-up immediately. Ignoring these signs can lead to increased furnace repair bills and energy bills in the upcoming months. Contact your HVAC company for furnace repair in Katy, TX, once you notice any of the following signs:

1. Short Cycling

Short cycling happens when your system does not reach the desired temperature and shuts off early. Frequent short cycling damages the wiring and components of the system and can decrease its lifespan. Clean your filters regularly and check the setting on the thermostat for the right temperature.

2. Unwanted Noises

An efficient furnace does not make any sound or noise while working except for a few buzzing sounds. However, if you hear loud noises like clinking, banging, and rolling while the system works, it may indicate the presence of a foreign object in the system or some technical issues.

3. Increased Energy Bills

If you did not add a new electrical appliance in your home during the winter season yet your energy bills are rapidly increasing, you may have to check your furnace for that. Increasing energy bills may indicate that your furnace is consuming more energy than needed.

4. Hot and Cold Pockets

The basic purpose of a furnace is to keep the house at a comfortable temperature for the family members. If you notice that there is a significant difference in the temperature of any two rooms, it means that your furnace is not working efficiently.

5. A Malfunctioning Thermostat

A thermostat signals the furnace what temperature to maintain. If the batteries of the thermostat exhaust or if there are wiring issues, your thermostat will not read the right temperature and send the wrong directions to the furnace. Check your thermostat regularly or install a smart thermostat for easier working.

6. Poor Indoor Air Quality

The filters in a furnace maintain indoor air quality by removing pet hair, allergens, dust, and bacteria. Dirty air filters fail to do this, and you may face increased allergies and breathing problems. Check your filters regularly and replace them when needed.

7. Unusual Flame Colour

The ideal color of a furnace flame is blue. The blue color indicates that the gas is burning completely with no waste products. A yellow or orange flame indicates that the gas is not combusting properly and is giving out by-products like carbon monoxide. You can install carbon monoxide detectors to get notified of carbon monoxide leakages.

8. Irregular Maintenance Schedules

Owners need to maintain proper maintenance and service schedules for their furnaces and other appliances. Regular servicing ensures that the furnace works with its highest efficiency levels and functions longer than usual.

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