5 Most Common Heating Problems

Knowing the causes of a broken furnace can assist you in preventing potential issues and extending the lifespan of your appliance. In addition, having this knowledge is important when it comes to safeguarding your household against carbon monoxide or fire exposure. This article will cover the five most common heating problems, continue reading for more information.

Common Heating Problems

1. Thermostat Problems

The heating system’s thermostat serves as its central processing unit. A simple thermostat monitors the temperature and instructs the furnaces when to run and when to shut off. In addition, you may regulate the cooling and heating with a programmable thermostat to prevent energy waste when you’re away from home.

Start by examining the thermostat controls if your heating isn’t operating as intended. The thermostat may have inadvertently altered, been without energy, or been removed from the network. However, most thermostat issues are simple to fix relative to specific other issues, or you can contact us for heating service in Katy, TX.

2. Congested Air Filters

A filthy filter restricts airflow. It puts excessive stress on the furnaces and reduces performance and efficiency. Because of this, it’s important to clean the filters frequently. In the high season, you must inspect it monthly. It would help if you replaced them when they got too choked to allow light through.

3. Ignition Controls or Piloting Concerns

The most typical furnace types are those that generate heat using natural gas. The gas is released to the main burners whenever the furnace turns on, and the spark plug or ignition burns the gas to produce heating.

The heating will stop flowing if the pilot lights or ignition quit operating. It is the kind of issue that requires immediate attention. Turn down the furnaces and contact our qualified professional in heating service in Katy, TX for assistance.

4. Dearth of Maintenance

Frequent maintenance is required if you wish your cooling and heating systems to last for many years. However, furnace repair services are put off until it’s too severe. Contact our furnace repair Katy, TX professionals to schedule a maintenance consultation.

5. Airflow Glitches

The furnace circulates excess heat into the residences via ductwork. Therefore, it will not be long for the areas in the home to begin feeling cool if you’re having issues with circulation. The absence of circulation may indicate a fan problem, leak, or obstruction in the duct. In addition, it has a problem with the enclosures, volute, or dampers that causes uneven flow.

Holding a tissue fragment up to the supplying grilles will allow you to examine the flow. Make sure the motion is roughly equal for each outlet in the house


To prevent catastrophic failures, professional property central heating repair balances the damage that the systems experience while operating throughout the season.

Contact Air Mechanic Services if you encounter a furnace problem. Our NATE-certified professionals can perform rigorous, thorough inspections and diagnostics to identify the underlying reason for the problem and provide the best fixes. Our professionals performing heating service in Katy, TX, provide a 100% satisfaction guarantee.